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High-Speed Internet is Available Now!

Internet at many rural properties is very slow.

The two solutions below provide fast internet connections at a reasonable cost.

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

Two companies are currently providing wireless internet in the Strathisla area.

Scot-Tel Gould

Scot-Tel Gould have a network of masts providing internet speeds between 20Mbps and 2Gbps throughout Aberdeenshire and Moray.


  • Duplex speed: 20Mbps
  • Data: unlimited (subject to reasonable use)
  • Cost: £41 per month

This service is suitable for streaming video e.g. Netflix, and for VOIP phones.

With a VOIP phone you can keep your existing landline number, use your existing telephones, and have no line rental!

WiFi Scotland

WiFi Scotland provide high-speed internet in Mulben.

Standard installation is £300, including all hardware. The service is £30 per month for 20Mpbs download & 2.5Mbps upload, with no data caps.

LTE Broadband (4G)

4G is available from a number of providers. You will need an LTE router and aerial.

Example costs (Vodafone):

  • Speed: 10-70Mbps
  • Data: 50GB per month
  • Equipment: from £150 for a DIY installation
  • Cost: £30 per month

NextGen AV can install the necessary equipment in the Strathisla area.
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