Grange Sunrise


Isla Bridge, Grange

Grange is a large parish located in the Strathisla Community Council area within Moray. It is known for its distinct community character, with its own parish church and primary school. From north to south it stretches for 6 miles and from east to west it spans 5 miles, making it almost square. The word Grange is middle age or low latin derivative of ‘grangia’, a word meaning farm or country. In 1996 Grange celebrated 800 years as a parish.

Today farming is still the predominant industry in the area. Common crops include barley and potatoes. Cattle and sheep are widespread in Grange. Some farmers have been able to diversify by servicing the whisky industry or generating renewable energy.


King Memorial Hall

King Memorial Hall is a focal point for community events throughout the year. A range of activities including badminton, yoga, line-dancing, and bowling are held each week. Clubs for older people, and for children also meet in the hall

The Grange Community Association meet regularly in the hall and is open to all residents. Hall facilities include a large function room with balcony and stage, sound equipment, kitchen, and meeting room. For more information, visit the King Memorial Hall website.


Crossroads Primary is a co-educational, interdenominational school catering for children from Primary 1 to 7. Pupils are taught in two mixed-age classes which aim to provide an education which is balanced in terms of curricular content and learning approaches. This gives the opportunity for Social and Personal Development as pupils learn to find their place in the school community and the world beyond. Parents play a very important part in the life of the school. Please visit the Crossroads Primary School website for more information.

High-Speed Broadband is now available in Grange

Area Representative

There is currently no representative for Grange. If you would be interested in volunteering for this position, please contact us.

The task of any community council is to identify the needs and aspirations of its community and to take decisions that will lead to appropriate action in that community.

The role of the community councillor is one that requires you to represent the views of your community, or your section of the community. In practice, this will involve discussing issues with people in the community to clarify their views and assess the strength of their feelings on different topics.

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